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What is LOCO-Analyst?

LOCO-Analyst is an educational tool aimed at providing teachers with feedback on the relevant aspects of the learning process taking place in a web-based learning environment, and thus helps them improve the content and the structure of their web-based courses.

LOCO-Analyst aims at providing teachers with feedback regarding:

•  all kinds of activities their students performed and/or took part in during the learning process,

•  the usage and the comprehensibility of the learning content they had prepared and deployed in the LCMS,

•  contextualized social interactions among students (i.e., social networking) in the virtual learning environment.

This Web site provides some basic information about LOCO-Analyst, its functionalities and implementation. In addition, you can watch videos illustrating the tool's functionalities. You can also learn about the LOCO (Learning Object Context Ontologies) ontological framework that lies beneath the LOCO-Analyst tool and download the ontologies of this framework.


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